Our partners and customers choose us for a variety of reasons. Customers include health systems on the US News and World Report Honor Roll, National and regional payers, clinics and clinicians.


  • Increase member satisfaction
    • Cobalt’s programs are well liked. More than 90% report positive experiences and would recommend them to others.
    • Our programs are a valuable tool that improves opportunities for engagement.
  • Enhance outcomes
    • Our software has been proven to work, studied in randomized, controlled trials and published in some of the leading clinical journals.
    • Our programs also enhance outcomes in co-morbidities often associated with behavioral disorders.
  • Improve standardization
    • Lack of standardization has been a challenge in the talk therapy community.
  • Lower direct and indirect costs
    • Our programs have been shown to lower direct and indirect costs in real world clinical settings.

    computerized cognitive behavioral therapy